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G sense out of it in a thorough readable way Lincoln describes how a nation already spent by world war endured an even savage conflict with all of the accompanying famine butchery and chaos Lincoln argues that the Civil War originated in the class warfare already taking place around the countryside which in turn had its origins in the Bolsheviks food reuisitions When this or that peasant was suspected of hoarding Bolshevized Workers Took A Look In The Peasant S Soup Pot took a look in the peasant s soup pot there was meat the peasant was declared an enemy of the people and promptly shot This kind of law soon prevailed As Lincoln shows neither side enjoyed popular support but unlike the "Whites The Reds Rarely Threw "the Reds rarely threw any opportunities PROVIDING REPRESSION WITH REFORM ON COMMUNIST repression with reform on Communist while the Whites had no real defined political agenda Eventually the Reds won a degree of tolerance if not supportInformative and enjoyable although Lincoln could have spent time discussing the history of the various anti Bolshevik armies or even the foreign armies dispatched to Russia And curiously the book is divided into sections based on years but none of these sections actually deal with those specific years and jump around uite a bit Phenomenal work by a phenomenal author Perhaps the best work on the Russian Civil War I have been meaning to reread this for a long time This is a ood book My only major criticism is that it lacks maps which makes it hard to follow what is oing onThere may be 2 minor errors as well One is in Chapter Eight where the author discusses a naval raid on the Russian position of Kronstadt It says Agar and his Finnish smugglers sank the battleships Andrei Pervozannya and Petropavlovsk in less than half an hour According to other sources Petropavlovsk was attacked but In a word dazzling Fuller review soo. Cluding 20000 American soldiers This landmark history re creates the epic conflict that transformed Russia from the Empire of the Tsars into the Empire of the Commissars while never losing sight of the horrifying human co. Red Victory A History of the Russian Civil WarLl o a long way to understanding what that communist legacy is and how it applies to the modern Russian state A must read for that understanding but a slog if you aren t a political junkie Contained virtually nothing on the war and entirely too much on arts and culture The history is also entirely one sided from the Reds with next to no information about "The Whites During The War "Whites during the war the various intervention movements against the Reds Lincoln s history details the power rabs the bloodshed and the horrific events that follow the euphoria of 1917 when the Revolution Had Flourished And Men And Women Had Worked In Women Had Worked In had flourished and men and women had worked in to build a world free of bureaucracy coe I struggled a lot to find a ood book on the Russian Civil War that was informative well written and as even handed as possible This managed to tick all three boxes A useful corrective for those who may think that Stalin corruptedperverteddestroyed the Marxist Leninist purity of the 1918 Revolution and the Bolshevik victory in the Civil War information than the casual reader wants or needs but it s still worthwhile An engaging and sweeping narrative of the Russian Civil War which in reality was a series of civil wars and series of international wars all fought at or less the same time Lincoln has a ood command of the subject matter and does a reat job telling the story of the war through the stories of people like Lenin Stalin and Trotsky as well as ordinary people stuck in these chaotic events Lincoln deftly describes the period s complicated politicsLincoln s book is a Norte: A Novel great narrative history and his analysis is careful and reasoned He thoroughly describes the immense political military and social obstacles that stood in the way of the Reds and the Whites The Civil War was very chaotic but Lincoln does areat job makin. Ugh reat cities and tiny villages across untouched forests and vast frozen wasteland the Bolshevik Reds fought the anti Communist Whites and their Allies fourteen foreign countries contributed weapons money and troops in. This book is a ood history of a complicated subject The Russian Civil War was a complex conflict that was fought on many fronts with little coordination between the various White forces To make the situation complicated were the various wars for national independence from Russia Estonia Latvia Lithuania FinlandUkraine are jus a few of the nationalist movements try to break away from the Russian Empire The forced were a catch "All Group Of Anyone Who Disliked The Bolsheviks Politically They "group of anyone who disliked Bolsheviks Politically they never develop a cohesive plan that appealed to the masses and satisfied all the different factions The Whites also never had the forces and military euipment needed to fight the war Various attempts were made to Mi karma y yo get foreign help from the Allies were largely unsuccessful The Bolsheviks had several advantages The territory the rule was contiguous and contained most of the manufacturing plants They had manpower and weapons but lacked food especially They also face a lot of internal strife not only in the party but among the workers and peasants who wanted an end to war and the better times promised by the newovernment All these factors lead up to a Complicated Story But The Author story but the author it out well and helps the reader follow all the different scenarios that unfold If you like political histories this is a must read to understand what happened between 1917 and 1922 in Russia If like myself you prefer action and adventure it s a interesting yet not exciting read Red Victory does Everything Happens for a Reason: And Other Lies I've Loved give areat understanding of what happened politically and with that understanding one can see why Russia is doing what it is currently doing Putin is an heir to Lenin just as much as Stalin Brezhnev and Gorbachove Trying to understand Lenin s legacy as it applies to 2017 starts in 1917 thru 1922 Red Victory wi. Shortly after withdrawing from World War I Russia descended into a bitter civil war unprecedented for its savagery epidemics battles mass executions forced labor and famine claimed millions of lives From 1918 to 1921 thro.

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