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Admitted read this in english GarrinhcaGREAT ANY FOOTBALL FAN WOULD LIKE THIS football fan would like this summary he won two world cups while being a heavy alcoholic The parts before and after his career are also great The sort of unprofessionalism in this book has pretty much disappeared at top level football It s really unlikely that any world class footballer from now to the end of time could ever have a interesting biography Simply the best football book ever writtenGreat player with issues who was overshadowed by Pele A truly fantastic biography of a fantastic albeit deeply flawed footballer A fascinating biography of a very flawed "brazilian footballer castro doesn t sugar coat or "footballer Castro doesn t sugar coat or the many failings of Garrincha and lets readers come to their own conclusions about the first Brazilian Superstar Footballer A very uick engaging read about a fantastic Brazilian soccerfutebol player that a lot of fans of today know little to nothing about Manuel Francisco de los Santos nicknamed Garrincha was a dribbling legend probably the best who ever lived and a true joy of the people that helped Brazil reach the lofty heights of World Cup success in 58 and 62 as well as league championships for his professional club Botafogo in Rio de Janeiro Even in 2018 when I visited Rio he was remembered in graffiti portraits on the white walls near Botafogo s HThe book was translated from Portuguese to English competently and there weren t too many glitches that were THAT distractingThe book did a great job of chronicling Garrincha s rise from impoverished beginnings to the heights of football greatness with Garrincha seemingly and blissfully along for the ride coupled with prodigious amounts of alcohol cacha a primarily and womanizing The alcoholism eventually killed him as it so often needlessly does and the author did a great job documenting Garrincha s downfall as wellI d highly recommend this book to any devoted soccer fan andor anyone interested in Brazil especially its history from the 1950s through the early 1980s My only criticisms about the book were the ENDLESS comments on how well endowed Garrincha was the lack of discussion on how Brazil s then military government essentially pimped him out for political purposes in the run up to the 66 World Cup the lack of discussion at the end of the book about Elza Soares the Brazilian samba singer and Garrincha s second wife who tried and failed to help him as well as the aftermath of Garrincha s death in 83 What a story this is most of it is true Ruy Castro s 1995 biography of Brazil s first world renowned footballer doesn t just reveal the nitty gritty of Brazil s corrupt football fraternity but the evidence of the fatal damage inflicted literally metaphorically upon the little bird Manuel a native of very humble origins from the small factory town Pau Grande laughably translated into slang as Big Erection And he was by all accounts prodigiously endowed himself this little bird His crooked legs child like disposition made him a natural football phenomenon unable to cope with many of the pressures of fame notoriety without resort to the demon alcohol promiscuous use of his legendary gentleman If it had a pulseit was sexual samba for our flawed but endearingly simple minded heroThe book charts his chaotic life with all its triumphs disasters. The World Cup Finals Sweden 1958 Brazil vs the fearsome USSRIn the opening three minutes 'the greatest three minutes in the history of football' one man wrote himself into the record books Brazil went on to win the cup and in Garrincha a star was bornGarrincha was the unlikeliest of footballers with a right leg that turned inw.

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Characters Estrela Solitária Um Brasileiro Chamado Garrincha

Estrela Solitária Um Brasileiro Chamado GarrinchaAll its bombast pathos an avid reader will take in by sensual Osmosis Almostthe Vibrant Atmosphere almostthe vibrant atmosphere Rio the wild vitality of Brazilians themselves The social problems of millions of Garrincha s fans are a back drop to this long drawn out carnival of a book skilfully translated by Andrew Downie The antidote that is football brings out the sheer chaos violence that is never far from the surface of Garrincha s life as his celebrated career stalls with his knee injuries his chronic unreliability increasingly his pervasive alcoholism His irresponsible passionate carnal relationships with several all too willing women only draw attention to his ingrained weaknesses as a partner husband father human being he never knows when to hold back on his primeval energies never knows when enough is enoughthe rivers of money just gush away dribble through his fingers are purloined by unscrupulous charlatans But he was a much loved figure amongst the footballing fraternity of Brazil many brave souls tried to save Garrincha from himselfbut ultimately failedA tremendous book for students of Brazilian life too Garrincha was the epitome of the flawed sporting hero the genius player whose personal demons led to an early death Garrincha the book details his life from his childhood in Pau Grande through the length of his career and his eventual death from alcoholism It captures his amazing talent his playful charisma his colourful personal life and his uniue place in the hearts of Brazilian football fansBorn with crooked legs he defied all expectations and became one of the most successful players in international football history winning two World Cups and only once losing in a Brazilian shirt in 60 appearances Winning two world cups he became a cult legend in BrazilHis life was incredible He lost his virginity to a goat slept with hundreds of women and sired at least 14 children his affair and subseuent marriage to "The Singer Soares That Caught The "singer Elza Soares that caught the of a nation and led to them both being vilified was profligate with money uninterested in football that he wasn t playing in and totally incapable of being faithfulBy the age of forty nine Garrincha was dead destroyed by the excesses that made him such a fascinating figure His downfall makes for depressing but gripping readingThere is something that draws us to those genius sports stars who can t conuer their demons and don t get the change to live the post retirement life they deserve Their flaws make them relatable and human As an Irishman ou read the book feeling like its an alternate world story of George Best s life or even how the great Paul McGrath s life may have gone had he been born in BrazilRuy Castro has written a thoroughly enjoyable and fascinating biography which is excellently translated by Andrew Downie It is a brilliant and detailed insight into a fascinating life of a genius player It is a comprehensive and worthy tribute to a footballer who had he played a few ears later in the television era would be remembered as one of the all time greats The only downside for me was the lack of detail on the social and cultural environment in which Garrincha lived I feel I learned an incredible amount about Garrincha but less than I expected about the Brazil of the 50 s and 60 sI first the read the book whe. Ards and a left that turned out but with a ball at his feet he had the poise of an angel He played for the love of the game uninterested in money and ignoring tactical advice And he was as wild off the pitch as he was mesmerising on it mischievous audacious and dripping with sex appealIt was his affair and subseuent marriage N the English translation came out in 2004 and I thoroughly enjoyed this reread I highly recommend it for any football fan and is a great companion book for watching Russia 2018See all my sports book reviews at Garrincha s my favourite footballer I remember when I was 18 and somewhat mentally ill staying up all night watching whatever crap was on TV At about 3am BBC Four stuck on a documentary with sign night watching whatever crap was on TV At about 3am BBC Four stuck on a documentary with sign in the corner if memory serves about Pele and Garrincha a player whose name I d heard but about whom I knew nothing It was terrific You know ou re watching something good when Criminal Juries in the 21st Century: Psychological Science and the Law (American Psychology-Law Society Series) you don t even mind a Garth Crooks narration Within a few weeks I was wearing a Garrincha t shirt everywhere I was absolutely transfixed by this crooked legged genius The Joy of the People one of the people who played for love of the game whereas Pele was the astute PR savvy capitalist who would never uite capture their imagination the same way Sixty oneears after the pair took Brazil to World Cup glory for the first time Pele is still here a global brand Garrincha is forgotten by all but the most devout football history nerds dead some 36 ears After the most meteoric of rises he experienced the steepest of declines illustrated by that infamous film of him as an attraction on a carnival float a living zombie He was by most accounts a true innocent an almost childlike man exploited by a rapacious unforgiving world This book explodes that idea Garrincha who lost his virginity to a goat and barely stopped shagging from then on was a slave to his appetites which seemed charming at 21 and killed him by 50 His alcoholism which brought him so low wasn t "Some Insular Personal Tragedy It "insular personal tragedy it ruined the lives of those around him while drink driving he ran over his dad and was in An Accident That Killed accident that killed mother in law he beat up at least two of his lovers Exhaustively researched the book debunks several of the most enduring and attractive myths about Garrincha invented by his Boswell Sandro Moreyra That s fairly impressive if depressing and to some degree the book captures the darkness self destructiveness and pain of the man but it barely skirts the joy Perhaps that s because it s just so badly written So is translator Andrew Downie s recent biography of 80s Brazilian superstar Socrates so perhaps that s where the problem lies or perhaps it s the same in Castro s original book Whatever this English version is stodgy and turgid full of tortured syntax laborious metaphors and abrupt changes in tone mood and location Ironic given the subject whose great virtue was his graceful fluidity In a baffling omission Castro and Downie barely attempt to articulate the wonder of seeing Garrincha play and when they do it s via dry play by play accounts or vague anecdotes And weirdly despite the vast number of interviews that Castro undertook there are no direct uotes from any of them is that a uirk of Brazilian journalism It feels like a shortcoming You get the facts here neatly established and marshalled into chronological order but there s no poetry And since the sheer joy of Garrincha is absent the transcendence he found on the field the exultance he inspired when the authors strip away the attendant myths all that s left is a selfish man with a 10 inch penis drinking himself to death. O the singer Elza Soares that caught the imagination of a nation their mouth watering combination of soccer and samba made them the toast of 1960s Rio But by the age of forty nine Garrincha was dead destroyed by the excesses that made him so compelling‘Funny and moving zealously researched and lovingly told’ Daily Telegrap.

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