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Rocker Babies Wear Jeans fEnager named City in 1984I absolutely loved this bookrom the irst page and I don t think I ve audibly laughed rom a single book so many times in my life It s told 1st person Sono with Visits from the Seventh from City s point of view and he s hilarious in thought and voice He s kinda wordy which may turn some people off but it makes his sentences seem oddly balanced to me as if at a certain word in the sentence there s a pivot and the second half drops I doubt that I m expressing that clearly and it probably doesn t make much sense but just know that it s a good thing Another thing I especially appreciated is that this book doesn t get caught up in the magic of it santasy elements and doesn t make that the story It s less important why or how these things are happening but that it s happening and how it affects the characters that makes this book special Long Division Touches On Everything From Love To Hate From Division touches on everything Remarkable Creatures from love to haterom to racism and responsibility but is only ever really about one of them Give it a read seriouslyThis is one of those books that I know I m going to read at least a ew times in my life I picked up my copy at the library but I know I m going to buy it All things considered it s the least I can do 6 Only those who can read write and love can move back or orward through timeTrueFalseThis do 6 Only those who can read write and love can move back or Heroes Adrift (Hero, forward through timeTrueFalseThis did itor me Granted I m a nerd Chuck and Danielle for stories that look deeply at identity and stories that thoughtfully use time travel and this book COMBINES them but I didn t expect this story I was thrown and have been processing it ever since Like a complete run andetch my journal so I can meditate and respond to it sort of reaction It put into words into stories into action so many issues and uestions I ve wrestled with in my own life I m trying to resist the impulse to say that it skewers the idea that our society can be post anything let alone post racial because skewers is too violent or what I mean The analytical work going on in this book isn t violent just immensely relentlessly precise Shalaya Crump #herself would like it or being so straight on and or being kind to while still #would like it or being so straight on and Gray Bishop for being kind to while still the best out of the people within its pagesProbably best of all this bookeels like an open door There s a dotdotdot before it and a dotdotdot after it and I m sure it too is a dotdotdot of its own All things considered that s awesome9 Past present and uture exist within you and you change them by changing the way you live your lifeTrueFalse. Riend and love interest Shalaya Crump discovers a way to travel into the uture and steals a laptop and cellphone rom an orphaned teenage rapper calledBaize Shephard They ultimately take these items with them all the way back to 1964 to help another time traveler they meet to protect his amily rom the Ku Klux Klan City’s two stories ultimately converge in the work shed behind his grandmother’s house where he discovers the key to Baize’s disappearan.

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Sages that are just plain confusing if you don t reread them a ew times Then there are other places where after many rereads I ound it to be plain illogical I rather reread an ambitious exciting novel than of the same shit that keeps hitting the shelves I m not interestedI am impressed with Laymon s debut and at this point I plan to buy and read everything he does I am excited to see where his career goes if this is the start I really wanted to love this book and I tried but most of #the time I was confused The time travel was hard to ollow and #time I was confused The time travel was hard to Renovate: Changing Who You Are by Loving Where You Are follow and thelow of the story I was pretty intrigued by City as a character and it dawned on intrigued by City as a character and it dawned on how Gaffer few books I ve read with young black male characters Andor that reason I decided not to abandon this book I loved how Laymon captured the rhythm of young black men it reminded me of my brother and his Circumstantial Evidence friends I want of that I waited patientlyor Laymon to explore the relationship between City and LaVander and it never really happened There s something to be said about how young black men relate to each other how their Lone Star Justice: The First Century of the Texas Rangers friendships develop and how they deal with being marginalized When City remarked that he loved LaVander but couldn t really explain why I was hopingor discussion around that topic It was an ambitious attempt but too many themes and not enough character development left me disappointed But I m looking orward to rom Laymon I see where he s going and I can t wait A Chicken in Every Yard: The Urban Farm Store's Guide to Chicken Keeping for him to hit that sweet spot Baize Shephard LaVander Peeler Grandma and Shalaya Crump deserve their own books Hope the meta stuff isn t too distracting Hehehehehe What can I say about this book Myriends gave this to me at the right time Being Island of the Lost Horses (Dora and Friends) from the Mississippi Delta this is the book I wanted to read at 16 as much as I wanted to read at 34 I laughed so much to myself I wanted to read Then there is a seriousness in it too that grips you and you know exactly how the charactereelsThis book is Black manhood in Mississippi written in just under 300 pages When a book is really good I m excited to get to the end to see what happens but when a book is great I m most anticipating reading it again in the to see what happens but when a book is great I m most anticipating reading it again in the Long Division Citoyen City Coldson is a wave brush toting slick talking high schooler growing up in present day Mississippi After getting into a bit of trouble at school City somehow inds himself reading a book titled Long Division in which the main character is also a te. N “City” Coldson becomes an overnight YouTube celebrity The next day he’s sent to stay with his grandmother in the small coastal community of Melahatchie where a young girl named Baize Shephard has recently disappeared Before leaving City is given a strange book without an author called Long Division He learns that one of the book’s main characters is also named City Coldson but Long Division is set in 1985 This 1985 version of City along with his ,

Long DivisionI dare anybody to write a better Huck Finn as time traveling 20th and 21st century hair and word obsessed overweight black boy coming of age civil rights social commentary satire comedy drama vigilante love story Just go ahead and try I love a book that leaves me unsure of what exactly happened and how I eel about it except to have me kind of bowled over in its wake an The ellipsis always knows something came before it and something is coming after itLaymon s brilliant debut novel God Said, Ha!: A Memoir from 2013ollows two Narrative Timelines In 1985 timelines in 1985 2013 both ollowing a teenager named City in rural Mississippi 2013 City #Discovers A Book In His Principal S Office Called Long #a book in his principal s office called Long that curiously has a main character also named City in 1985There is a time travel element to the book and while this is innately a scifi device the book is light in the genre This is much about characters and their developmentI read Laymon s essay collection How To Slowly Kill Yourself and Others in America last year It was amongst my On the Right Side of a Dream favorites of the year I was so drawn to his writing style I knew Long Division would be next This novel isilled with collouial phrases and cultural references the dialogue and character voice was so smart and luid Instant love or itLate addition to one of my top novel selections of the year I am having a terrible time lately rating books that I think are brilliantly successful on some levels and much less successful on others What I want to say about this book is Read it It s like nothing you have ever read Think Octavia Butler s Kindred added to Ellison s Invisible Man stewed up with a heavy dose of Haruki Murakami but with Laymon s uniue Operation Iceberg : The Invasion and Conquest of Okinawa in World War II flavor I m still a bit dazed Three stars isn t right it s like 4 stars and a What the heck Long Division is an ambitiousirst novel Laymon can t be called anything short of a visionary or in a little under 300 pages taking on race sexuality coming of age time travel black southern christian religious practices love PTSD Hurricane Katrina the impact of technology on rural communities and notions black southern christian religious practices love PTSD Hurricane Katrina the impact of technology on rural communities and notions celebrityI thoroughly enjoyed the language in Long Division and Laymon s close attention to collouial and regional detailsSome of Long Division was heavy handed where it did not need to be I want to say that because time travel can be confusing Laymon elt the need to over explain in some areas I hope the next go round he leaves some of that out There are also other pas. From Kiese Laymon author of the critically acclaimed memoir Heavy comes a debut novel about Black teenagers that is a satirical exploration of celebrity authorship violence religion and coming of age in post Katrina Mississippi Written in a voice that’s alternately humorous lacerating and wise Long Division Michelin Green Guide Normandy features two interwoven stories In theirst it’s 2013 after an on stage meltdown during a nationally televised uiz contest ourteen year old Citoye. ,