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That Good Night

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This is an informative but overly long book on palliative care The author perhaps attempts to do a few too long book on palliative care The author perhaps attempts to do a few too things She describes her training in internal medicine then as a palliative care fellow and physician provides stories of many of the dying and terminally ill patients she has worked with considers the ole that eligionfaithspiritual practice often play in the lives of the dying and their caregivers and finally she details the profound influence her spiritual socially committed immigrant Indian parents particularly her mother an anesthesiologist had on her development I found Dr Puri s presentation of her challenges with the families of dying patients and her struggles with medical colleagues the most compelling parts of the book Her meditations on spirituality and death as a sacred passage however became tiresome The doctor aims at being profound but at times her writing slides towards "the precious here are a couple of examples "precious Here are a couple of examples the kind of thing I mean You imagine that each of them your patients wears a necklace of intricate intersecting circles of loss grief anger fear sadness egret You visualize this necklace hanging at their throats golden and glistening under the hospital s fluorescent lights in the moments when their expressions of emotion make you want to leave the oom This is a necklace that you choose to wear too What if I The House That Had Enough regarded my own death witheverence instead of fear I wondered Or even The Devil's Snake Curve: A Fan's Notes From Left Field radically what if I had some sort of gratitude for the transience of my life Would it change what I worried and cared about Wasn t it necessary to think about this when I was in the midst of building a life Orather living my life And the I thought about mortality and what it had come to mean to others and what I thought it meant to me I ealized that life was simultaneously “A profound exploration of what it means for all of us to live and to die with dignity and purpose” People Magazine“Visceral and lyrical” The AtlanticAs the American born daughter of immigrants Dr Sunita Puri knew from a young age that the gulf between her parents' experiences and her own was impossible to bridge save for two elements medicine and spirituality Between days spent wa. O vast and so small It was daybreak after a good sleep and exhaustion as the stars emerged It was the first crisp bite of an apple the taste of butter on toast It was the way a tree "S Shadow Moved Along "shadow moved along
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of a as the afternoon passed It was the smell of a baby s skin the feeling of a heart fluttering with anticipation or nerves It was the steady hythm of a lover s breathing during sleep It was both solitude in a wide green field and the crowding together of bodies lover s breathing during sleep It was both solitude in a wide green field and the crowding together of bodies a church was eually common and singular a shared tumult and a shared peace It was the many things I d ignored or half appreciated as I chased the bigger things It was infinity in a seashell I think the book would have benefited from some paring down I wish for example that there had been fewer stories of family members demanding that everything be done for the patient when it is abundantly clea I Pimpinella Meerprinzessin 1: Ankunft im Muschelschloss (German Edition) read an advanced copy of this book and everybody mustead this book It is gorgeously written and on such important subject matter how we live and die and how medicine can help us far than it does Though Puri is a doctor Das kurze Leben der Sophie Scholl really at heart she is an exceptional writer and she takes us into a very hidden world of what it means to care for people who areeally sick and dying Her humanity and compassion shine through and her portraits of her parents and their spiritual beliefs is Défendre Jacob really a nice counterbalance to her stories about patients and other doctors Aftereading this book I am no longer afraid of dying in pain and suffering through endless medical procedures because I know someone like Dr Puri will be out there to help me she offers so much to think about and the existence of her profession is something that each and every one of us should applaud I plan to purchase this book for everyone I know It is written like a novel. Iting for her mother an anesthesiologist to exit the OR and evenings spent in conversation with her parents about their faith Puri witnessed the tension between medicine's impulse to preserve life at all costs and a spiritual embrace of life's temporality And it was that tension that eventually drew Puri a passionate but unsatisfied medical student to palliative medicine a new specialty atte. .
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