E–book/E–pub [Black Love, Black Hate] by Felice D. Blake

Of combatting collective racist suppression Can Occur Without Replicating occur without replicating hierarchies  Intimate Antagonisms uncovers a key theme in Black iction and argues that literature itself is a vital institutional site within Black life Through the of "INTIMATE CONFLICTS A WIDE ARRAY "conflicts in a wide array twentieth and twenty irst century novels Blake demonstrates the centrality of intraracial relations to the complexity and vision of Black social movements and liberation struggles and the power and promise of Black narrative in reshaping struggle    . .
Necessary work within the Black Community Raising Uestions About Why raising uestions about why unity is so often established "FROM THE TOP DOWN AND HOW "the top down and how to Blackness can be manipulated to reinforce deleterious orms of subordination to oppressive gender sexual and norms Most importantly the book how literature constitutes an alternative public sphere or Black people In a society largely controlled by white supremacist actors and institutions Black authors have conjured iction into a space where hard uestions can be asked and answered and where the work. Felice D Blake’s  Black Love Black Hate Intimate Antagonisms in African "American Literature highlights the pervasive Representations Of Intraracial Deceptions Cruelties of intraracial deceptions cruelties contempt in Black literature Literary criticism has tended to ocus on "Literature highlights the pervasive representations of intraracial deceptions cruelties and contempt in Black literature Literary criticism has tended to ocus on solidarity and the ways that a racially linked ate has compelled Black people to counter notions of Black inferiority with unified notions of community driven by political COMMITMENTS TO CREATIVE REHUMANIZATION AND COLLECTIVE AFFIRMATION BLAKE SHOWS to creative rehumanization and collective affirmation Blake shows ictional depictions of intraracial conflict perform. Black Love, Black Hate