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The Dark Son uOtherwise He plans to just help make her stronger wipe her memory and drop her back off That doesn t happen though when the people chasing her showp But making it worse his ship is in imminent danger of being detected so he has to leave before that happens Taking Faith with him A huge no noFrom the start Serkan makes it clear that he will not tolerate certain behavior from Faith and is than willing to physically enforce this When they get back to his home planet he takes this p a couple notches when he is tasked with her rehabilitation Not shocking at all she s deemed a bad influence on anyone who comes around her so she needs to be cured of THIS AND WHAT AN INTERESTING WAY And what an interesting way have to teach her right from wrongFaith hates this planet but has come to love Serkan so she deals Things get so much harder for her though after a private meeting with Serkan s council where she is threatened and forced to do something that she knows will result in her losing Serkan if she were to survive doing it Faith s actions put Serkan in a position he never imagined he would ever be in and having to make decisions he never could have even thought possible Thing is he didn t actually really make a choice here Again he pretty much does what he was ordered And though he treated Faith horribly believed the worst of her right away and wouldn t even let her explain her actions she immediately forgives him when he starts to feel bad about it I get that you love the guy but don t you think that was too ick The end was okay but I don t knowI wish Faith would have grown p at least a tiny bit by that point Hot Alpha AlienFaith is a thief she also happens to be humanSarken is on Earth gathering AlienFaith is a thief she also happens to be humanSarken is on Earth gathering keepsakes on his last days on Earth she also happens to be humanSarken is on Earth gathering samples keepsakes on his last days on Earth he comes across Faith lying in the forest nconscious He decides to take her to his ship to mend her and make sure there s no permanent damage While on his ship something comes Hands-On Functional Programming in Rust: Build modular and reactive applications with functional programming techniques in Rust 2018 up and he has no choice but to take her with him to his home planetWill she be able to be good Can the treatment he is told she needs going to work on his mouthy human Caution Panties randomly gop in smoke Keep extras near by Interesting story line love the spanking s and the concept of the treatments they had In Mind for her I gave it 4 stars because I felt you were left hanging with the results of what happened to all the lives impacted with the actions the MCs took I just think the author did a great job in the epilogue wrapping Web Penetration Testing with Kali Linux - Third Edition: Explore the methods and tools of ethical hacking with Kali Linux up the bits of the two MCs but could have atleast given one little tidbit as to what happened to the society DifferentThis was not what I expected but it was excellent I enjoyed the book it has some facts that where to the point about human beings in the future syifithe description of planet made me wished it was a movie on to another of your book. Otherickly blossoms into a passionate romanceOnce they reach his planet however the ruling council decrees that if Serkan wants to keep his human then she must ndergo a series of intimate behavior modification treatments and Faith soon finds herself naked and helplessly restrained as she is both pleasured and punished But even when her ordeal is over will this foreign world ever feel like home to herPublisher's Note The Alien's Patient includes spankings and sexual scenes If such material offends you please don't buy this bo. .
Once a thiefSerkan was walking in a forest when he stepped on something soft Faith was covered with leaves with a crack on her head Serkan took her to his ship for treatment with the intention to return her back But he watched several men searching for her They were going to kill her after torturing her So he decided to keep her and fell in love with her But she was a perfect little thief who needed rehabilitating And he tried spankings and other creative ways But his world was too perfect and too controlled for Faith His deity turned that against her for their own ends You will have to read the book for what happens next This is definitely a book for adults only But what else would you expect from a Loki Renard book Perfectly naughty HmmmmNormally I really like anything that Loki Renard writes And I mostly like this I like Faith I like the sex scenes I don t like Serkan at all I think he s overly dismissive of Faith s feelings doesn t defend her and shows that he doesn t trust her The book is well written like anything Loki writes The only reason this is getting a 3 is because of my dislike of the H Your mileage may vary Wonderful writing You do know how to write an Alien book for sure after reading hundreds of books I would have never thought I would like one in this era nor would I be hooked well I have and I am Her books are page turner for sure and you won t be sorry you did Enjoy wishing you continue success DH from New York City 4182019 I really enjoy Loki Renard books and they seem to get better and better Even though this book has plenty of ex and pankings it is the actual story that makes it so enjoyable Serkan our alien doctor has always wanted something which is why he left his world to be an observer His accidental discovery of and aid to an injured human sets of a chain of events that has a ripple effect over the whole planet Faith is an awesome sassy human that shows her true spirit in just about every verbal exchange in which she participates The author did a fantastic job of building a new world and populating it with strange customs and philosophies Poor Faith is truly a fish out of water on Serkan s planet The author gives s an awesome plot with

twist worthy of some of favorite sci fifantasy authors Anne McCaffrey Mercedes Lackey Piers Anthony The piece de resistance is an epilogue that lets s know what happened to our main characters Serkan is too much I love a confident man Serkan is the epitome of Alpha male confidence He exudes sensuality and has a good moral compass This book was good because the emotional connection between the two characters His female is lively and doesn #T Take Any Foolishness The Ending Was What Got Me #take any foolishness The ending was what got me Serkan chose to leave his planet with his lady and to be chose to leave his planet with his lady and to be He didn t allow other people to chan. Twenty four year old Faith Rockford has been fending for herself for as long as she can remember but when she steals an extremely valuable piece of technology and attempts to sell it on the black market things go terribly wrong and she ends p barely escaping with her lifeThough it is against the laws of his world to interfere in the affairs of less developed planets Serkan cannot bring himself to sit idly by while one of the humans he has been studying is in desperate need of help so he rescues Faith and heals her injuries But.

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The Alien's PatientGe his mind about his lover She was a firecracker too honey Definitely liked this book Fantastic story strong characters wonderful humorous scenes through out the book a good pace I would recommend this as one of her best sci fi fantasy stories yet I have probably said that before but her stories probably said that before but her stories getting better and better The premise was very Bonsái uniue and I just loved the interactions between Faith and Serkan DO NOT miss this book I have wanted to read this book for some time now but was waiting for it to go on sale Finally I said screw it I want to friggin read it and bought it I should have kept waiting This book wasn t bad by any means but it also wasn t really all that great I hated Faith sonbelievably much and even for this being an alien book too much of it was just ridiculous I did like Serkan enough to make this not a waste of time thoughFaithoh gawd how I hated her She has got to be one of the most annoying female characters I have read about in a while Serkan called her a brat often and that was a good way of describing her She #literally only cared about herself and didn t give a damn about anything else Oh she played the selfless hero but #only cared about herself and didn t give a damn about anything else Oh she played the selfless hero but was definitely a facade Her attitude needed a severe adjustment and left me constantly wanting to hit her ask her what the fuck her problem was Nothing intelligent came out of her mouth either which only made things worse because she never shut A Want of Kindness up One ofs would end A Little Kinder up dead if I was trapped somewhere with her She needed to grow the fuckpSerkan was most assuredly not book boyfriend material but he was good enough to make the book as enjoyable as it was His blind obedience to his council s wishes and society s ways was a little off putting at times but what could you expect from a guy that s been practically brainwashed I just can t for the life of me figure out how he came to love Faith At allFaith is a thief She ll sleep with anyone and do whatever she has to in order to steal whatever she wants And she has no JAPAN 1/1M3. ualms about doing any of this or how she would hurt people with her actions Too bad for her her most recent acuisition has put her life in grave danger She s stolen an AI chip saying that she was doing it for all the people that would be out of a job if she didn t If that were really the case she wouldn t turn right around and try to sell it to some mob people for a ton of money But being the bad people those typessually are they decide they ll just kill her and take the chip without having pay her I don t know how long she was fleeing them but she ends p knocking herself out in a forest And it s there that Serkan finds herSerkan knows that it goes against the rules of his people to help her but she looks so innocent and he feels it s his duty to help her because she would never make it thru the night. He is certain that the beautiful feisty young woman will reuire extensive correction and training to teach her right from wrong and he starts by baring her bottom and spanking her soundly for her recent theftThe stern chastisement arouses Faith deeply and after he brings her to a blushing climax over his knee she is left begging for Serkan to claim her hard and thoroughly When he takes her in his arms the handsome alien doctor's masterful lovemaking proves pleasurable than she could have ever imagined and their lust for one an. ,