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Loved this story It s coming out in May 2018 and it is wonderful The main character is afraid to speak and with good reason and I ust was pulled in an couldn t stop reading Plus Lynette is the sweetest person you ll ever meet she s from Australia and I got to know her when I was there and she s lovely Mi karma y yo just lovely and I was happy to give her a blurb for her US debut Re read 0220 So this wasust as good the second time around I think it helped that I d forgotten most of it That fact also makes me glad I re read it before moving on to book 2 because otherwise who knows where my thoughts would beI m so keen to ump into book 2 with a renewed love for Kael and Cami and see whether I can forgive that JERK or not He has a LOT to make up forOtherwise I stand by my original review Original Review 0518 What book lover doesn t love a great story about the power of words Naturally I was hooked from the first page and completely unsurprised that I read this in a day It s why I waited for a day off to start it As a fan of The Medoran Chronicles I was expecting this new offering from Lynette Noni to be pretty addictive and it didn t disappoint That being said I m glad it went in a totally different direction from the fantasy world of TMC because it made this book that much refreshing to readSo here is Jane trapped in a secret government facility and experimented on She refuses to speak When her rigid schedule changes up and she s introduced to a new evaluator things take an interesting turnAlways fun when the cast involves a handsome protective gentleman who only wants the best for our heroine The best part of YA or any book really is forming unhealthy attachments to fictional characters right Ward Enzo Cami Kael love them all They are such a great crew and really fun characters to get to know There s also that splash of grey to give them depth and flesh them beyond typical stereotypesI actually rather enjoyed how broken Jane was There s the whole superpowers angle that s alluded to in the blurb but there s real pain in Jane s emotions and how she reacts I felt uite distressed by her pain so I really loved the progression of that ourneyThis is an origin story that has beautiful development made fun by colourful characters As a lover of words myself the theme really spoke to me see what I did there and I rather enjoyed that exploration even if there was a lot to take in The info dumps were modulated so it wasn t too much of an overload but it s still pretty rich in detail The Sydney setting was fun too There were a few occurrences that I kind of expected and the formula of the story seemed familiar but these things made it no less enjoyable for me I ll admit it though I m a bit biased by my love of TMC I m so looking forward to the next installment though because I m expecting it to get pretty badassLovers of The Medoran Chronicles Akarnae Raelia Draekora Graevale should enjoy this new series ust as much even if it s a little different Noni s writing still grabs you and refuses to let go I D Also Recommend This To also recommend this to who enjoy YA and dystopian and suggest give it a go for anyone looking for an easy read with some memorable charactersI ll be eagerly awaiting book 2 Divergent meets Miss Peregrine s Home For Peculiar Children A definite MUST READ for 2018 Genre Young AdultFantasyRating5 5 starsRecommendationBUY IT and while you re at it buy a copy for a friend Would you read another book by this author I will pay full price for her books I will pre order them if possible I am OBSESSED Who might enjoy this book Fans of Divergent and Miss Peregrine s Home For Peculiar ChildrenOverview The book starts off by introducing us to Jane Doe at least that s what the staff at Lengard call her but that is not her name She refuses to tell them her name she refuses to speak at all When she speaks terrible things happen that she can t begin to understand let alone explain Jane has been imprisoned and kept as test subject at Lengard for nearly 3 years She knows nothing of the experiments purposes as nobody tells her why is there and why they are testing her She was told that Lengard was a place for extraordinary people and she believed them She couldn t have been wrong The story builds when Jane is assigned to a new evaluator named Ward If she doesn t make progress with him In A Month She a month she be removed from the program Jane is very cautious of Ward as he is the only person to show her any type of kindness or compassion in over two years While she tries to keep her guard up against him he slowly chips away at the walls she has put up in order to protect herself and those around her In a moment of panic Jane shatters her wall of silence and is then introduced to the real world of Lengard and the secrets that the government facility has been hiding from those it claims to protect She has to decide which side to believe and making the wrong decision or the wrong moves could have deadly conseuences for her Being tormented by demons from her past she doesn t have faith that she can harness her powers and control them Her faith in those claiming to help and protect her is tested as the ultimate battle beings The ending had me craving a seuel immediately Action packed and thrilling a picture was so well painted that I could swear I was watching a movie instead of reading Special Thanks Special thanks to the publisher and author for providing me with an advanced reader copy of this book through Goodreads Giveaways I look forward to being considered for any of this authors books in the future My review is fair and honest and I m no way is a reflection of the fact that I received this book at not cost to myself My review is based on immediate feelings after completing this book and is not meant to be in comparison to other books I have read Science fiction set in Sydne. “Lengard is a secret government facility for extraordinary people” they told me I believed them That was my mistakeThere isn’t anyone else in the world like meI’m different I’m an anomaly I’m a monster For two years six. ,

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Y Goodies versus baddies but we take a long while to discover which is which Deep tunnel complexes under Centre Point Tower and Taronga Zoo What could you ask forI really enjoyed this young adult novel Okay so there is a love triangle and our main character has amazing powers but does not know how to use them and the bad guy s laboratory is like something out of Frankenstein It is still a fun book It moves fast and a lot of very interesting world building takes place I enjoyed all the characters and their different skills The ending wrapped this book up nicely but at the same time l Thank you to NetGalley for a free copy of this book 25 stars A way to describe my experience with this book would be akin to that of the rush of a new relationship with someone In the beginning I was hooked because I was eager to see what would happen next but after a while my interest waned because I came to realize Oh You re ust like the othersI couldn t put this book down during the first half because I really wanted to know what was going on and the way the author kept you guessing made it a pretty addictive read For a while at least And then I reached the halfway point where things get explained and sadly I didn t find anything out of the norm when it comes to supernaturalsci fi YA Some people might make comparisons to Shatter Me but at least Shatter Me had a uniue writing style and even though the protagonist was melodramatic and arguably annoying for some people she definitely had of a personality than the one in this bookLet s pull up The List Heroine with minimal personality so self insert is still somewhat possible Supernatural teens Love triangle where both guys are kinda dickish Rebellion plot line Predictable villain whose only motive is taking over the world mwa ha ha As you can tell you won t really find much originality in this story I ve read so much YA that at this point I ve become very cynical towards any new YA book I read that doesn t do something uniue I thought the supernatural powers in this book s universe was pretty uniue at first but I feel like it s not much different from anything else now that I think about it What makes it uniue is that it s all about Speaking with a capital S At first I thought it was sort of clever like maybe the author wanted to make a commentary on the real world because har har words have power and it s not the word it s the intent lol get it Because real life But nope that wasn t even the moral of this book I wasn t even sure what the moral was or if it had one The whole words thing is ust set dressing the actual abilities these characters have are nothing you haven t seen beforeAnd let s talk about the most annoying part of this book the introduction of a love triangle in the second half My opinion and interest on it immediately plummeted from that point onward It s bad enough the first guy Ward was kind of a douche already but then they introduce us to a guy that s even douchier He s one of those assholes who you princess all time I ve NEVER understood the appeal of that I the time I ve NEVER understood the appeal of that I t find it charming or hot in the least Frankly I think it s condescending and sexist It ust makes me think of Link in that old Zelda cartoon from the 80 sSeriously who finds that stuff appealing It s not cute and it needs to stopWhat I did like about the book was like I said the addictive uality of the first half And I also liked Cami as a character she was The Sisters of Sinai just genuinely a nice person and I think this book would ve benefited if they showcased the friendship between Jane and Cami a lot Or heck have the protagonist be gaybi and let Cami be the love interest that certainly would ve been much interesting than another average hetero love triangleThis book is currently Read Now on NetGalley and it s up to you if you wanna pick it up or not It s a pretty uick read so you won t be wasting too much of your time but don t go into it expecting anything new or out of the box It sust your average run of the mill YA book and if that s your thing then go for it sis I on the other hand am sure I ll be forgetting about this book by tomorrow Subject Six Eight Four had been locked in a cell during the night and experimented on during the day for over two and a half years The place was called Lengard it was filled with guards and evaluators she knew there were others but she didn t see them Until the day she was taken to the head of Lengard and things changed She was still a monster and she still refused to speak They called her Jane Doe as she wouldn t tell them her nameGradually the kindness of the new evaluator caused Jane s resolve to stumble But still she had no trust for anyone She didn t trust herself therefore she trusted no one else But was something changing within the walls of the facility that she now called home Jane learned startling news was it true Could it possibly be that all she d thought was true was lies And could she change anything with the powers she had no idea how to control Whisper by Aussie author Lynette Noni is the first in the Whisper series and I was captivated Nothing like I ve ever read before Set in Sydney or under Sydney to be precise directly below Centre Point Tower and Taronga Zoo A fascinating young adult speculative fiction novel and for the older among us Whisper is one I highly recommendWith thanks to Pantera Press for my copy to read in exchange for an honest review Words are too precious to throw around carelessly Stranger Things meets X Men meets The Divergent in this ah mazing book Just imagineThis book had me glued to it and I absolutely loved everything about it The plot the story the characters writing style and most importantly the mystery it creates OmgWe are introduced to a mysterious girl who is silent since don t know when She is at a secret research facility Lengard for almost Months fourteen days eleven hours and sixteen minutes Subject Six Eight Four ‘Jane Doe’ has been locked away and experimented on without uttering a single wordAs Jane’s resolve begins to crack under the influence of her. Whisper Whisper #1

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Hree years where she is called 684 They also gave her a fake name Jane Doe because she refuses to give them any info about her including her name She is told that Lengard is a place for extraordinary children like her She is experimented on and tortured ust to get anything out of her but she is one tough cookie One day the Director of the facility warned her that if she won t respond or co operate with the evaluators within a month she will be removed from the program As her last chance she is assigned to a new evaluator Landon Ward and that s when things start to change In a state of panic she utters some words and strange things start to happen Stranger things come ahead as you read it because guys I don t want to give any spoiler ust so the illusion of this wonderful world created by Lynette Noni doesn t break Trust me when I say go into this book blind The lesser you know the better and get ready to hooked on it until you devour it in one sittingLynette Noni has done a great ob Her wtiting style is superb The world building is great and all the characters are awesome Each character has a distinct personality It feels like you are seeing everything how each character is talking walking smiling acting etcWhen I read a book I hardly remember the names of side characters but with Whisper I have a list of my favorite side characters Enzo is the sweet guy and I loved his sense of humor Cami is so adorable and huggable Keeda is sassy Ward is that mysterious guy you would never know what he is upto but he will melt your heart with his dimpled smile Kael is ust awesome He radiates an aura of strength and power yet he is super caring and considerate Now the character I really wanted to punch in the face Vanik I hate Vanik Just so you know after Voldemort Vanik is my most hateable characterLynette Noni has created a masterpiece of a book with living and breathing characters in an amazing world that feels so real I could even see the places in my head so clearly I walked side by side in the dead white corridors with Jane Doe I got exhauseted while running after her in the catacomb Even her cell where she was imprisoned gave me chills My most favorite scene from the book is I have never seen such a beautiful sight So many words So many wonders Yes You get it right Reader s paradiseAnd the ending omg I want next seuel nowright nowCover ArtThe cover art is simply amazing We see the face of a girl with eyes open amd staring directly at you There is an element of mystery and wonder on her face Her eyes are blue and her lips are pink and other than that we don t see any colors The title of the book Whisper is written accross her lips Just perfectConclusionI absolutely loved it This is a must read for fans of X men and Stranger Things If you are a fan of X man and Stranger Things you are definitely going to like it and even if you are not a fan you are still going to love it for its strong plot awesome characters the suspense it creates and how fast paced It Is It Will Make A Great Movie Too Yo is It will make a great movie too Yo 21st Centuray Fox You hear that This book is the one everyone will be talking about this year so go get your copies today An eARC of this novel was provided by the publisher Pantera Press via NetGalley your copies today An eARC of this novel was provided by the publisher Pantera Press via NetGalley exchange for an honest review My Blog 425 StarsShe has been locked away from the world for than two years She s known as Subject Six Eight Four and Jane Doe I am nothing No oneI am a test subject not even worthy of a nameIn these years she has been experimented on or should I say tortured She can t speak oh no she can but won t Words have cost her everything I can do the unimaginable I can Speak the impossible into beingAnd with Dark Passage just one wrong word she can change the whole world But how much she can fight with herself and keep going like thisLoved it so much My first read by this author and it was a winner So good I m not a big fan of Sci Fi I don t have the brain but sometimes it s good for the change of scenery and this one doesn t need so many grey cells to understand it Loved what she created it s like magic Loved all the characters Main and secondary ones They all are well developed So well written well paced with a perfect story line Told in single POV 1st person It s the first installment in the Whisper series and it ends on a cliffhanger a mild one Looking forward to reading the next one Overall I had a good time with this one and hope you enjoy it as well About Whisper is a young adult fantasy written by Lynette Noni It will be published on 5118 by KCP Loft an imprint of Kids Can PressHatchette Book Group 320 pages The genres are young adult science fiction and fantasy This book is intended for What if you knew that if you spoke out loud everyone around you would be affected This is the case with Jane Doe or subject 684 This book is uite gripping with many twists Who to trust For over 2 years Alyssa Scott has been confined to a prison like situation with each day methods used to try and get her to speak and identify herself It takes sometime before out of desparation a change in tactics is introduced one where 684 begins to trust However to her dismay this is all an act and her sense of desperation returns Through circumstances she accidently does speak and the conseuences are that time stands still Through encouragement she is able to reverse the situation It is eventually revealed to her that a certain medication given to pregnant women has resulted in the children inheriting certain gifts some can control other people s emotions some can make others do harmful things to others etc Further 684 is kidnapped and taken underground to a seperate group one she was lead to believe were corruptors but where much is revealed to her This read shows that the author has a fabulous imagination and this book will appeal to young readers in particula. New and unexpectedly kind evaluator she uncovers the truth about Lengard’s mysterious ‘program’ discovering that her own secret is at the heart of a sinister plot and one wrong move one wrong word could change the world .