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I uess it was only a matter of time before the high school stoner comedy enre ot a little depth SJ Goslee s Whatever is just like your favorite pothead it makes you laugh and roll your eyes sometimes you Body by Darwin: How Evolution Shapes Our Health and Transforms Medicine get a little frustrated but in the end you enjoy spending time with it and even think it s pretty sweetMike Tate is about to start his junior year of high school He has areat Blue Guide group of friends with whom he plays music in a crappy band drinks beer watches one of them attempt one crazy stunt after another and spends a lot of timeetting stoned He s known his irlfriend Lisa for a long time and she s like his best friend than HIS GIRLFRIEND A LOT OF TH girlfriend a lot of th whole review will be filled with spoilers and boy oh boy do I have a lot to say This book is extremely biphobic homophobic and it s filled with irls fetishizing the main character and his lo 45 starsSo much uirky Birth and Fortune: The Impact of Numbers on Personal Welfare good fun I adored this If you like your MCs uirky and kinda clueless you reoing to love Mike I was smiling through most of this following along with him as he comes to terms with the fact that he s bi deals with a myriad of odd friendships comes out and realizes on an unlikely crush This is YA but on the older end of YA whe Whatever by SJ Goslee is a hilarious and honest YA coming out story and it s in many ways unlike anything I ve ever read before It s not a romance by any usual standards but it can be painfully romantic and endearing at times It s a heart warming story with so many laugh out loud moments and unparalleled honesty in dealing with subjects like sel I absolutely love it when books surprise me This is a book that definitely surprised me in the best possible way Admittedly when I first started reading I had my doubts We re first introduced to Mike as he s coming out of a stoned stupor after partying with his bros He had that dude voice that while authentic drives me completely nuts and I was ready to Island Girls (and Boys) give up right then and there But I decided to keepoing and I am so Calvinists Incorporated: Welsh Immigrants on Ohio's Industrial Frontier glad that I did Mike never really loses his dude voice but for some reason he makes it wildly endearing In addition to this the relationships he has with his mom his little sister his friends his exirlfriend and the burgeoning attraction between him and the love interest no spoilers are extraordinary and so wholly real that each interaction while seemingly laid back oozes with meaning and authenticity I also loved the way that Goslee handles Mike s discovery of his sexuality There is a lot of confusion emotion and frustration but at the same time it doesn t feel overly dramatic but rather uite funny as Mike provides hilarious asides as he justifies his appreciative eye for the male form Additionally Goslee is never insensitive in her depiction of Mike s self discovery but rather she provides an excellent balance of humor AND heart making this a reat choice for teens who may have uestions of their own I can definitely continue to sing the praises of this delightful debut but one of the most important things that stuck me about this book is that it is an absolutely spectacular dude book and there really aren t enough spectacular dude books out there Can t wait to see what this author comes up with next This story felt a #bit like a modern day interpretation of a John Hughes movie but with the protagonist #like a modern day interpretation of a John Hughes movie but with the protagonist to terms with his feelings for uys And specifically with those surrounding his long sworn enemy The constant humor of the story was off the charts epic however there is a lot of internal dialogue which I found simultaneously charming and a bit tediousI didn t dare skip a word because for the most part it all did actually add to the story but just didn t flow along uite as uickly or smoothly as I d have likedBut Mike s character was written amazingly tru. It's like the apocalypse came only instead of nuclear bombs and zombies Mike Call the Next Witness gets school participationay thoughts and mother effin' cheerleadersJunior year is about to start Here's what Mike Tate knowsHis friends are awesome and their crappy Building for the Arts: The Strategic Design of Cultural Facilities garage band is areat ex.

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Whatever.: or how junior year became totally f$@ked

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E and beautiful in a real world way Like "this description of a snowstorm hushed pings of snowflakes on snowflakes as they fill up the round or this "description of a snowstorm hushed pings of snowflakes on snowflakes as they fill up the round or this distinctive odor of weed and broken hobo dreams LOL This book introduces a voice that will make your heart remember smile and ache The emotion sneaks right #UP ON YOU ONE MINUTE YOU RE CALLING MIKE #on you One minute you re calling Mike doofus and the next you re rooting for him to open up his heart and Casuistry and Modern Ethics: A Poetics of Practical Reasoning go for it Whatever is a winner A read with huge heart and characters you ll want of I wonder what Mike and the crew are up to tonight Is it too soon to beg for a senior year Recommended readuotes taken from ARC Bahahaha seriously this bookGreat humor Great characters Andreat storyMike is not the uintessential 16 yo soon 17 Yes he spends time with his friends and yes he does A LOT of stupid things But he also spends a lot of time with his baby sister Rosie and he is actually sort of thoughtfulMike has been dating Lisa for uite some time he s in a band with his best friends and he has an archenemy who used to beat him up after baseballMike works at his uncle s cheese shop and is trying to be in school with the least amount of work He is not stupid but he is lazy and all over the placeMike s mother is an author of children s books and she Charlestown Blues gives Mike and Rosie a lot of leeway but is there for Mike when he fucks upThen Lisa breaks up with him but they stay friends And when Lisa decides she needs to be a well rounded character for college applications she blackmails Mike into running along with her Her blackmail material Mike had a PROPER snogging episode with JJ auy from another schoolWhat follows is Mike s awakening both in regards to himself but also in regards to friends and familyI can t imagine coming out is easy but this book takes Charlestown Blues: Selected Poems, a Bilingual Edition great care with the subject Yes Mike is totally confused and yes he should have opened his mouth in a few situations but he is a 16 17 youy who drinks and smokes too much weed And even though there are things he doesn t care about there are things he cares a Building the South Side great deal about like his friends who have been there his whole lifeRook was areat character I thought he did the whole jock deal and in the closetbut not thing Bright College Years great justice Also he was FREAKING adorable at timesI was laughing and snorting and chuckling throughout this book It was so SO funny and I adored ALL of the characters most were batshit CRAZY If I could change two things it would be a proper apology from Rook for the shit he pulled years back AND an epilogue 15 years from now telling me that Mike and Rook wereoing strong I know I know they re young and blah blah blah But I had a friend in 9th Chicagos Urban Nature grade who s still with her boyfriend from then so let me have my dreamsA definite re read for me Short version I loved this It s adorable heartfelt laugh out loud funny and frighteningly relatable The internal and external conflicts the MC faces with regard to coming out were beautifully and accurately rendered and the romance depicted is swoony and so so shippable And the MAKEOUTS The makeouts arefans self Totally recommended 45 starsscreams because this was probably the cutest thing i ve ever read and i m pretty sure i smiled the whole way throughthere was just so much i loved about this mike cam wallace serge jason jj etc and yes i did just name pretty much every character in the book but what the hell i adored them all the writing wasreat the plot was entertaining it was funny in all the right places and i had so much fun reading this oneit s definitely not perfect there s some bisexual erasure and i didn t like how the author wrote lisa and her attitude towards mike mike s relationships buuuut i did love it a whole lot anyway once i Cezanne and Provence: The Painter in His Culture got past those two things 1st read october 20162nd read march 2017. Inds out why Lisa dumped him it blows his mind And worse heets elected to homecoming courtWith a standout voice a hilariously honest view on sex and sexuality and enough f bombs to make your mom blush this debut YA novel is a fresh modern take on the coming out story. E to age with tons of insecurities and confusion which we ve all experienced during our high school yearsI enjoyed the story immensely mainly due to the funny situations and well developed MC but didn t really et than a surface deep sense of several of the side characters including the #secondary main characterThis was also not a sexy or overly romantic read as those aspects mostly consisted of #main characterThis was also not a sexy or overly romantic read as those aspects mostly consisted of short back seat roping session and lots of internal pining and processing feelings internallyAnd even though the story ends with only the most tentative of HFN s I d still recommend the book pretty highly and rate it at 4 STARS 45 STARSI CAN T DECIDE 45 StarsI can t decide I want to smack Mike Tate upside the head or hug him tight Maybe both Mike s school year is shaping up to be a real clusterf cough Sorry Let s break it down His irlfriend Lisa just dumped him even though according to her they weren t really dating anyway Ouch Somehow he s otten himself roped into school politics intramural baseball and homecoming Whatever It s junior year OH yeah Mike might be into Collections of Nothing guys too He might even be falling for his arch nemesis That s the way Mike s cookies have been crumbling DI m not sure how I fell for Mike but I did Hard This knucklehead slacks off stays out late drinks until he blacks out and is absolutely clueless most days I mean the kind of clueless that calls a past hookup for advice beforeoing on a date with another Communism guy smacks Mike upside the head But he won me over Mike s voice is real raw and powerful You ll know thisuy He could sit next to you in homeroom Walk by you in the halls Or remind you of someone from your past Mike says and does ridiculous things but his heart is Always Beating Away In beating away in right place He killed me The time he shares with his little sister could be the most adorable real life big brother moments in YA Come on Mike You know you love building forts just as much as Rosie Haha And his friends Mike s How to Read the American City Close Up group of tight knit friends felt like a family You will feel it in every stupid stunt shove and word said or unsaid between them I adored the wholeangMeckles Cam Omar Jason and Lisa formed a family They ve Catholics, Anglicans, and Puritans grown up together Seen each other throughood hard and embarrassing times Their history is evident in everything they do They move and talk with ease and humor The jokes and sarcasm fly back and forth non stop but you can see the love and care underneath it all Listen to how Mike describes Cam part of Cam s special brand of charm is the screwed up mystery meat that masuerades as his brain Their chemistry propelled this story along from school to band practices to parties You feel included In the Consumed: Food for a Finite Planet gang in the trouble and in the laughs From music debates to fanny packs You never know where their shenanigans will take them Then we have Rook WallaceRook What a name Isn t it the perfect arch nemesis name D Wallace and Mike have a sorted past Wallace used to beat Mike up after baseball every chance heot when they were kids Mike hates Rook Or does he Wallace s smile confidence broad shoulders and curls begin to make Mike nervous sweaty and Wait Is Mike ay Bi He s suddenly freaking out Confused and scared How can he be attracted to his arch nemesis Ms Goslee balances this coming out story with humor and heart perfectly Tears to laughs to attraction Wallace leans in again tilts their foreheads together and breaths Mike can feel the rapid trip skip of Wallace s pulse against his thumb Trip skip I love that Wallace and Mike have heat Serious heat Ms Goslee knows how to capture tension on the page I love her tone and style She puts a lot in this little book We have realistic uydude talk obvious bonds of friendship and history humor and a sweet possible romance brewing away Her words and voices are simple sincer. Cuse to drink cheap beer Rook Wallace is the devil The Lemonheads rock And his irlfriend Lisa is the coolest Then Lisa breaks up with him which makes Mike only a little sad because they'll stay friends and he never knew what to do with her boobs anyway But when Mike .

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