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M really embarrassed to admit I read this book If there are two topics of public conversation that make me suirmy it s love and spirituality And god forbid someone see me standing anywhere near the self help section of a bookstore But hey a close trusted friend recommended that I read this book and I m really glad she did It s not particularly well written and I say this with utter seriousness the whimsical fontdesign choices really almost made me

Give Up Before I Even 
up before I even But I was curious I guess this is the part where I have to admit that I am newly in love and that despite *All The Reasons To Feel *the reasons to feel so so about this book it was really great for critical self examination and honest reflection This book gave me the tools to do the kind of work I was trying to do by myself Reading this book and taking it to heart ears ago would have saved me from a great deal of stress aggravation anxiety and wasted time but reading it now was a pleasant confirmation that I m on the right track in my own development as a person and romantic partner I found it to be a helpful catalyst for assessing my romantic situation honestly I would never presume to call myself a Buddhist however I found Buddhist philosophy to be a useful lens through which to view and evaluate love It was difficult for me to relate wholeheartedly to the concept of being on a spiritual path as well as some of the woo woo ideas about assessing compatibility astrological charts handwriting analysis but I took much from this book than I put into it so in that regard it is a success I would recommend this book to anyone in pursuit of lovecommitment including or rather ESPECIALLY those pursuing a higher degree of self love and willing to engage with difficult uestions It s hard to face ourself full on and for me even harder to admit it but it s important work and this book was an accessible way harder to admit it but it s important work and this book was an accessible way get there One of my main criterion for reviewing a book is to assess how much it has taught me For that this book deserves many than five stars it deserves one for each chapter This book clearly respects and honors love and it does it through various mentally healthyspiritualpsychological lenses I cried many times reading it and I feel that it has changed me Sometimes I spend an entire day remembering a chapter I cannot recommend this enough to both singles and nonsingles I read this book every few ears usually around the time I think I m ready for another relationship Every time I do I m reminded that the relationship I m really craving is with myself and the All That Is In other words this is a sweet little book about traveling the Path whether or not the Path takes Instinct for Freedom Finding Liberation Through Living you alongside someone else s Path If it does there are a number of lovely little essays and tools that may helpou avert the crazy pitfalls Legacy of the Heart: The Spiritual Advantages of a Painful Childhood you generally hit in or out of relationship if not there s plenty of good comforting soul satisfying material to keepou happily moving forward on our ow. Ight heart to the romantic journey Filled with uotations from Zen Sufi and other wisdom traditions and informed by the experiences of people from all walks of life here is a relationship book that will appeal to readers looking for than a Venus meets Mars solution to the complex affairs of the hear. .
Is of life and the last truth which is through complete acceptance of the what is in life and recognizing the superficial desires we harbor we learn to live in peace and love With this in mind we can contemplate on how we push our agendas on the world and subseuently other people including and especially our love interests Admittedly I struggle with this constantly and it was very apparent in my most recent relationships so it definitely hit home and called for some self reflection In addition Kasl discusses how anxiety is inherent in most relationships In addition Kasl discusses how anxiety is inherent in most relationships they resurrect the feelings of attachment we had with our mother or primary caregiver We were once completely merged with our mother and unconsciously we still desire that feeling of complete and utter connection We want someone to take care of us soothe us comfort us But we are adults now Therein lies the problem She reminds us that this trap is easy to fall into especially when first starting a relationship Kasl is adamant about this fact that we need to be happy with ourselves and be okay with letting a relationship end if it does Our ego tricks us into getting into a state of panic at the possibility of loss but if we relax and realize that this is just a moment in life and that people will always come and go and that we will continue to live we will be happier and appreciative of the learning experiences that come with each relationshipThroughout the book Kasl always mentions how the most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves and how if we learn to fully love and accept every aspect of ourselves we will be tremendously happy in or out of a relationship A practical and thoughtful dialogue This book has somewhat hard to swallow advice that may change our life It is informed by various spiritual traditions and places the emphasis of relationships toward a uestioned approach What it is that The Concubine you andour partner need What can Surfing: The World's Best Surf Breaks and Techniques (World Sports Guide) you do to openourself up to finding someone Who are The Infernal you What haveou not accepted in the past what does our intuition tell ou about where ou are right nowIt was also helpful for me even though my focus is on jobs and finding work Some exercise were fun too like writing a personal ad based on our who Heart of the Night Secret Agent Series you really are ie Often late forgetful m looking for slender wf to make himself feel better about life haha so true for many men including myself Not something I try to be but something that society tells us will give us control or power or happinessIt also gotou to write out what ou really felt was our essence and how a partner could inform that and how ou could come to terms with growing within those conditionsMostly th I think the most important lesson is that is one of the noble truths taught in Buddhism and other spiritual traditions is that attachment leads to suffering This book is a good way to gently guide us to exist with those emotions To stay with fear to stick with it Okay so in all honestly Rstanding to the anxiety and uneasiness of new love and helps readers discover their potential for vibrant human connection based on awareness kindness and honesty She approaches the dating process as a means for awakening reminding us that when we live by spiritual rules we bring curiosity and a When the student is ready the teacher will appear Thanks Kris for giving me this book all those ears ago when I put it on the shelf unread There came a moment in my life where I needed to remember how to be authentically committed to a person without being attached to a specific result to be in the moment with my commitments but no expectations This book caught my eye on the shelf at an interesting time an intriguing character had just entered my life and then left just as uickly after entrancing me with his spirituality and shocking me with his dismissal and disappearance A truly inspiring conversation with this person led me to consider an approach to life that welcomes the present moment and opens myself to the possibilities around me for love in essence the m This book is very enjoyable and supremely helpful to everyone I ve known who s read it It was highly recommended to me by a good friend about two ears ago I am about to read it again for the third time If ou want to be open and honest with life and others able to love them by first loving all parts of 50 Years of Silence yourself and live compassionately this book s forou I promise it will help Vide et plein you to release some ofour fears false perceptions and worries It really is so good as to make The Latinos of Asia: How Filipino Americans Break the Rules of Race you want to read it over an over again There is another one by Kasl many called If the Buddha Married but I am confident that this book is extremely practical and helpful to human beings male or female married or unmarried Enjoy Pass it on I attribute this book to the reason I met my husband Excellent principles on focusing on whatou want and sending the right messages into the Universe Despite a chic lit ish sounding title this is probably the most meaningful profound et simple book I ve read on approaching relationships from a spiritual perspective not just buddhism as the author integrates sufism and uaker themes amongst others What an appropriate book "AT THIS POINT IN MY LIFE AFTER MANY FAILED "this point in my life After many failed and at the tender age of 22 I was starting to become a little cynical This book redirected me to a healthier and loving place a place where I learn to love and respect myself before getting involved with anyone else Yes the urge to feel loved and have romance in my life is still there but now I look at it WITH DIFFERENT EYES NOW I ASK different eyes now I ask what is this loneliness signaling Am I loving and nurturing myself fully right now I am learning albeit slowly how to soothe my own anxieties and tenderly love myself without resorting to dating It s a tough journey especially for someone admittedly has a dating addiction but this book has surely helped a lot Kasl an incredibly fascinating woman begins with a little background on Buddhism and reminding the reader of the 4 noble truths suffering is inherent to life we create our suffering through attachments and demands that things be different than they are we can ease our suffering by ceasing our endless demands and accepting the what. In this practical playful et spiritual guide Charlotte Kasl author of the highly successful Finding Joy 101 Ways to Free Your Spirit and Dance with Life shows Make You Mine you what it would be like to have the ancient wisdom of the Buddha to guideou through the dating process Kasl brings a compassionate unde.

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If the Buddha Dated