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Thismy daughter is 8months and going through major teething and this book gave me some major tips on how to comfort her Thanks agai. me some major tips on how to comfort her Thanks agai. List today has a much wider choice of remedies than the ancient herbalists thanks to the travellers over the ages who consciously or unconsciously carried with them the seeds of their native foliage The humble plantain is called Englishman's Foot because it sprouted wherever the English stepped Such instances have caused ecological disasters within delicate ecosystems but they do give herb gatherers a wide variety No medicine chest would be arge enough to house a complete herbal pharmacy This book is a selection of a small number of herbs that most effectively treat the widest possible range of common emergencies and are readily available from health food stores herbal pharmacies and natural food stores in the forms described The purpose of this book is a practical one to fill in the gaps of information found in most popular herbals What is the benefit of knowing that chamomile is good for the eyes if you don't know how is good for the eyes if you don't know how prepare it and how to use. .
Used for For aymen who want to use herbs for the occasional medical issue I would highly recommend this ittle book Really iked. Se they have seen the results of dandelion in action After three weeks of dandelion tincture treatment ten drops taken four times daily my hepatitis patients are well enough to go out dancingIt is a truth that stands to reason that the nearer we stay to the whole and natural balance of the earth and its plants the nearer we are to our own
natural balance which 
balance which experience as healthHerbal medicine is accessible and effective You don't need to Be A Scientist To Know a scientist to know marigold calendula is antiseptic You simply have to put it on a festering wound and watch the wound heal within twelve hours It may be simple but it is as effective as any and effective than most of the chemical euivalents You don't have to be a technician to PREPARE A CUP OF HERBAL TEA OR A POULTICE a cup of herbal tea or a poultice medicine is the medicine of the people and despite the sophistication of modern western medicine it is still the preferred medicine of 90 percent of the world's populationAn herba. A really good reference The best part Is The Author Didn T Go Into the author didn t go into the historical facts of each plant just what they could be. In this Book you will earn how to prepare a simple herbal first aid kit for common emergencies In addition you will earn how to prepare the herbs that are in ointments oils and teas and you will earn what they are good for Herbal medicine is the great great grandmother of medicine It is the body of medical knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation since the early DAYS OF HUMANITY IT IS THE of humanity It is the of simple whole plants complete in their natural balance of minerals vitamins enzymes and active ingredientsThe human body in good working order is a natural balance Of All The Elements Found In The all the elements found in the and the plants that ive on the earth The common dandelion for instance has a composition of minerals vitamins enzymes and active ingredients almost identical to the human Miles from Kara liver As a remedy the dandelion answers the needs of everyiver complaint or imbalance you can name A number of doctors refer their hepatitis patients to me becau. ,

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Herbal First Aid

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