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Scratch author Rhonda HelmsAbout music DJing at a club has to grapple with events of her past while finding love at the same time It s formulaic but I thought I d be in for a better read than what was handed to me And that cover man It s a good cover I love the colors and the thematicpromise of a music themeBut that s all it was an empty promiseThe writing in this was terrible I kid you not Besides the paint by numbers adaptation of New Adult thematics I think the writing was the thing that ruined this narrative for me the most It was far too shallow with its presentation of everything from the heroine s problems to the instalust between Casey and Daniel to justeverything It s not the plot itself that s the problem because a better writer could ve made that formula work Here Dude no I ve never read a heroine whose nipples pebbled so much at the mere touch or just for standing in the vicinity of the hero Or the way she kept saying over and over again that she never felt anything like insert experience here before It beats you over the head and the emotion feels forced and falseAnd I still can t get over how one can fluff their boobs Yeah I can t recommend this one sadly There are much better narratives that actually take the time and energy to develop their characters scenarios and tragic circumstances with much maturity and value than this did and it was to its own disservice that the presentation did not work for itOverall score 055 starsNote I received this as an ARC from NetGalley from the publisher Review 2 out of 5 starsThe premise is what originally intrigued me about Scratch a young girl with a traumatic past who puts her efforts into DJing and her studies whilst also finding This review appeared first at Fantasy is More FUNI LIKE NEW ADULT BUT I like New Adult but I Also Cautious About Picking A NA Book cautious about picking a NA book can be MORE angsty than YA thanks to broken heroes and heroines saving each other But Scratch looked like it could be one of the good ones And it was I think the number one indicator that Scratch wouldn t be weighed down with melodrama came when I met the guy Daniel He s smart personable respectful doing well in school He s got his shit together I think I was giddy when I realized Daniel would not need saving in Scratch And so I proceeded to fall for him As does our main character Casey Now life can t be perfect or where would the story be right So yeah Casey has some issues But there were two things I loved about how Rhonda Helms wrote Casey s issues 1They are freaking REAL problems and not of her own making I don t want to spoil anything for you because learning all the details of how she ended p so incredibly scarred not just emotionally but physically is part of the story but her problems felt seriously legitimate to me2Casey is as far as it gets from a cry baby She s had a freaking hard hand dealt to her but she s living her life as best as she can She s working hard at work at school She s got something she loves in her music She has a great relationship with her grandparents who ve raised her She s just very withdrawn she doesn t trust easily or much It Looks Like This understandably Even that though is something she s trying to work This book is sweet and easy to read nothing too complicated so why have I given this book only 4 well it missed some essential push factor in it Nodding the head Lets start with DanielHe is yoursual charming BF who does not have any vices yes women he does not sleep around very serious with whom he wants to spend time with so there is a breather phewHe has a perfect family a good life but the thing is the author does not elaborate much on his personal life So there you go

is a perfect guy D meets Casey in the club where she works as a DJ Yes LADIES you read it right a DJHe helps her out during her time of need and in the end what happens well Read itCaseyShe is a DJ WooHoo She is sweet girl who prefers to stay withing herself Sh 4 HEARTSARC received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewI really enjoyed reading this book It wasn t what I exp. Ut inexplicably Daniel refuses to pay attention to the walls she's put p Like Casey he's a senior In every other way he's her opposite Sexy open effortlessly charming Daniel is willing to take chances and show his feelings For some reason Casey can't fathom he's intent on drawing her out of he. ARC via NetGalley 4 StarsThis book starts out with our Heroine Casey She s a DJ at a local dance club and she s also a recluse She enjoys watching people and seeing everybody enjoy her music Just as long as she s by herself behind her booth She doesn t have many friends and that s only because she doesn t make herself available nor approachable to other people There s this saying Leave your past in your past And Casey is making sure she is doing just that One night while Casey is DJ ing Daniel buys her a beer at the club and has the server deliver it to her She doesn t like beer but out of courtesy she takes a sip and then retreats back into her hole of a DJ booth Daniel Is Immediately Taken Aback By Her is immediately taken aback by her s just something about her that tells him to hang on and keep chipping at her walls He knows she has some secrets and possibly some demons so he patiently waits And while he waits he get to know Casey a little better I enjoyed their relationship as Daniel was a patient guy even though he did eventually cave and drag some answers out of her Overall I enjoyed the book I felt that there could ve been a bit elaboration in the story Some parts Overall I enjoyed the book I Felt That There Could that there could been a bit elaboration in the story Some parts nbalanced I get that the title Scratch was in correlation to her being a DJ but I got the whole DJ vibe maybe only 15% of the book 35 Stars Casey s the resident DJ at a local club in her little college town She likes watching from afar keeping everyone at arms length and Plants Used by the Indians of Mendocino County, California (1902) up in that DJ booth she feels comfortable safe Then Daniel comes into her life and tilts her life off its axis in Casey s world He wants to know everything about her However Casey doesn t have the best past and doesn t want to talk about it ever In her world some things are better leftnsaid But Daniel keeps pushing an I received a copy in exchange for a honest reviewAs with most of New Adult books Scratch is an emotional romance between two college aged characters one of which is scarred and broken In Scratch we meet Casey and Daniel In some ways Casey is not your typical New Adult character After a violent event in her childhood Casey closed herself off from people What I loved about Casey was the fact that she was a DJ She can pour her heart and soul into her music Casey is able to express herself with music in ways she can t with people However I would have loved to see of Casey in her element She loves being able to watch people move on the dance floor knowing that it is her music that sets them free The change she goes through in the story is remarkable With Daniel and her roommate by her side Casey gets the courage to talk about her past and create connections with her classmates As for Daniel he was the perfect boyfriend He wants Casey to be happy and he hopes that she ll find happiness with him Although he does go about it all wrong He pushes her to face her past and nearly pushes too far The majority of their relationship is focused on Daniel trying to get Casey to tell him the truth about what happened to her family We learn a lot about Daniel through Casey s eyes but other than the fact that he s from a loving family we really don t get to know much about him This is one book where I wished we had gotten both perspectives and I think it would have given Daniel depth I respected how slowly Casey and Daniel s relationship progressed They start off as simply classmates before it grew into friendship and eventually their romance blossomed I felt that pacing of their relationship was perfect Never once did I wish they moved faster or wished they would slow down Ove Love Show uick review for a fairlyick read I think the only thing I can say that was good about Scratch was that it was a mercifully Origin (Robert Langdon, uick read Oddly enough that was also the major problem with it This first read I ve perused by Rhonda Helms has an ironic name attached to it because reading this felt like the narrative only barely skimmed the surface of all the themes it chose to touchpon for the story The idea for the premise actually isn t bad at all a girl passionate. The most painful scars are the ones you never see In her DJ booth at a Cleveland dance club Casey feels a sense of connection that's the closest she ever gets to normal On her college campus she's reserved practical all too aware of the disaster that can result when you trust the wrong person Ected When I started it I was a bit hesitant because I wasn t that all into it but I think it was just bit hesitant because I wasn t that all into it but I think it was just and not the book I
I was just in a so I put it on hold and started another book and then got back to this and after that I didn t have any problems getting pulled into the story I love Daniel He s not your typical college guy He was sweet and caring and wasn t a jerkCasey had a lot of issues She bare scars on the inside and outside She didn t let people in and had everybody at arms length except her grandparents Casey had an The Riddle of the Yellow Canary ugly past that she was trying to keep buried When Casey met Daniel everything changed for her She openedp and slowly begin to trust and let people in but that didn t last long She struggles to let go of her past Will Daniel stay by her side to pull her out of the darkness she s created for herself I guess you ll just have to read it to find out Okay the premise of this story really caught my attention I mean how often do we get to go behind the scenes with a deejay I was really excited to see the club world through the eyes of someone who was so passionate about music I knew that Casey was holding something back she had a secret but I thought as the story Inside the Asylum unfolded and we learned everything about her I would like her even Unfortunately the connection never really happened for me I felt like when I watch the news on tv and something bad happens It s sad you feel badyou have twinge of guilt for feeling happy that it wasn t anyone you knew but that was it for me I never really FELT what Casey was feeling Not that the tragedies are the same but if you take for example This is Falling by Ginger Scott it s a similar plot in that we know something happens but we don tite know what it ishowever in that story I felt what she felt It tore at my heart and made me feel This story had potential but didn t Plastic uite livep to it like I had hoped On the plus side it was a ick read so if you think it might interest you I d say go ahead and give it a try There will be plenty of people who really like this story but for me it was just missing enough story ARC provided via Net Galley ARC from Netgalley for an honest reviewReview coming soonWonderfulamazingsurprisingmovingemotionalgut wrenching story about Casey a DJ She s a seniorI was sold since the cover and wanna scratch this story about this girl finding her solace in music and not getting involved with people Her grandparents raised her after a tragic involved with people Her grandparents raised her after a tragic of all her family She lives in her own bubble where she knows where her boundaries are and where anticipation is not welcomed She tried to be invisible even if she worked in in a club She needs to feel safeShe had her routine go to class studying having dinner with her grandma and grandpa deejaying One day when Working at the club she met Daniel a guy from her philosophical class who noticed her but she s too focus being invisible that she wasn t aware that she attracted him He offered her a drink It was the beginning of their relationship they spent a lot of times together and their feelings getting stronger everyday but she can t let her past go and kind of tear them apartDaniel seemed to be the opposite of Casey always smiling sociable and friendly person I like how he put Casey at ease making her confortable always caring for herHe suspects something but when he discovers her past he nderstood her and tries to help her but not in a good way He can t stand watching her sufferCasey is so wrecked emotionally that she can t opened Raquel, the Jewess of Toledo up It was so hard to readIt broke my heartThis story is so fully charged of emotions and even we can t put in Casey s shoes we can totally experience all of it This is a beautiful lesson of love but especially grieving and forgiving after such a trauma event learn to live again surrounded by the people you loveI recommend it and i definitely buying this book in paperbackit deserves its place in my collection One of my favorites read of this yearCan t wait for all thepcoming books by this autho. R bubble and back into a world that's messy and The Shadow at the Bottom of the World unpredictable He doesn't know about the deep scars that pucker her stomach or the deeper secret behind them Since the violent night when everything changed Casey has never let anyone get close enough to hurt her again Now she might be tempted to