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Uth mostly in Richmond and accepted segregation and racism as the normal way Various life experiences in his late teens and early twenties showed him a ifferent way especially at RPI now the Monroe Park campus of VCU He became a civil rights and human rights activist teaching at VCU He was especially involved in health and justice areas An engrossing and timely read Excellent first person account of civil rights struggles in VA. Rginia and his story reveals how institutional racism pervaded the Upper South as much as the Deep SouthCovering fifty years' participation in the long civil rights movement Peeples's gripping story brings to life an unsung activist culture to which countless forgotten individuals contributed over time expanding their commitment from civil rights to other causes This engrossing witty tale of escape from what Once Seemed Certain Fate Invites Readers To seemed certain fate invites readers to on how moral courage can transform a lif. ScalawagAn excellent first person account of what it was like uring the Jim Crow era of what it was like uring the Jim Crow era Virginia Peeples moved from a follower to a traitor of his race as his eyes were opened to the injustice of the system It can be Alien Disclosure at Area 51 difficult for those whoid not live through this period of the system It can be Singing the Law difficult for those whoid not live through this period understand just how hard it was to bring about change especially in Virginia where racism was often polite on the surface but just as amaging and virulent as anyt. Scalawag tells the surprising story of a white working class boy who became an unlikely civil rights activist Born in 1935 in Richmond where he was sent to segregated churches and schools Ed Peeples was taught the ethos and lore of white supremacy by every adult in his young life That message came with an eually cruel one that as the child of a wage earning single mother he was estined for failureBut by age nineteen Peeples became what the whites in his world called a traitor to the race Pushed by.

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Hing occurring in the eep south Well told story by a great man I had the privilege to meet at VCU Sad to read about the racism at VCU and MCV in the 1960s and after especially the Nursing student who was punished by MCV for participating in the March 1965 Selma march in Alabama where she was beaten by police on Pettis Bridge and in jail That said in Alabama where she was beaten by police on Pettis Bridge and afterwards in jail said is much to admire here in Ed s story Ed Peeples grew up in the So. A Lone Teacher To lone teacher to critically Peeples found his way to the black freedom struggle and began a long life of activism He challenged racism in his US Navy unit and engaged in sit ins and community organizing Later as a university professor he agitated for good jobs health care and ecent housing for all pushed for the creation of African American studies courses at his university and worked toward eual treatment for women prison reform and Peeples id most of his human rights work in his native Vi. .