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By William W Johnstone and JA JohnstoneThis is the third book in a series of Western romances culminating at Christmas This time Jamie McAllister is corralled into leading a wagon train of pioneers from Kansas City Missouri to Montana Not a bad read A Big Sky Christmas features Jamie Ian MacCallister he takes over leading a wagon train regardless that it s late in the year they are determined to head out for Eagle Valley in Montana Territory and won t wait till Spring A Big Sky Christmas has *Nothing Really To Do *really to do Christmas other than Jamie promising to et them to Montana by Christmas It s kind of like the Between Silences ghost writer took iconic characters from a legend put some cheesy storylines in it a overbear Minister a Jewish Rabbi Actress trying to escape a Rich Man then youot the outlaw trying to hide that he is and honestly win the Betrayals girl The storyoes along it s a decent read Predictable At Times But You Get Last 100 Pages Jamie at times but you et last 100 pages Jamie several from the wagon train rescue two children stolen from it and then you have Preacher Smoke Audie and Nighthawk make a cameo appearance into the story Both Preacher and Smoke Jensen are iconic characters of William s

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a reader your in some ood reading with them both Audie and Nighthawk have appeared in the First Mountain Man Series The Bat Ode ghost writer easily could have written them into the story earlier then they were just based on their writing and Jamie looking for scouts for the wagon train My favorite part of William W Johnstone s books were the final 100 pages he was one of the best at packing an overload of action to them and he never ever pressed the easy button to finish one Which happens with this one Plus it contradicts his writing as they have Jamie an old man Smoke is in his 20 s Yet in the Eagle Series Jamie in his 20 s meets up with Preacher and Smoke s in his late teens and yes it s a little detail but it sh. In the fall of 1873 a wagon train of immigrants sets off from Missouri for the Montana Territory Leading them is wagon master Jamie Ian MacCallister aiant. A Big Sky Christmas

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Happen You cant help but get drawn in by the characters This is the first cowboy book I have read drawn in by the characters This is the first cowboy book I have read I read horror or apocalyptic type books but I did Bitter Choices: Blue-Collar Women in and out of Work grow up watching Little House on the Prairie and John Wayne movies There is love loss and constant danger I cant wait to read books by William Johnstone I have already started my second book and it is just asood as this oneI highly suggest reading this book This book is definitely a wintertime *Story But Not Truly *but not truly Christmas story The story involves a roup of people relocating to Montana The wagon train has stopped in Missouri and is setting up to make the final trek towards Montana The wagon master is not the reatest and while letting off steam in the local drinking establishment winds up with a broken leg and a new wagon master needs to be found The person who stood up to the wagon master in the bar now has take over as the wagon master for the roup even though he feels they may not make it as it is too late in the season to be trying to travel to Montana he will do the job because the people have no alternative except to continue their trip On top of everything else the roup takes on two people who need to be anywhere but where they are now There are a lot of little interesting things oing on within the story and there are a few surprises The little bit of the feeling of Christmas going on within the story and there are a few surprises The little bit of the feeling of Christmas at the end of the book and is satisfactory A ood story about frontier life and traveling by covered wagonI enjoyed reading this story about life on the frontier and simple people pursuing their dreams and enduring hardships And the side story of a budding love was an additional Back to the Breast: Natural Motherhood and Breastfeeding in America gift TNFRENCHIE Great book Always enjoy reading William W Johnstone Not your usual Christmas story But it s areat read so enjoy it Wonderful BookGreat story lots of shooting sceneszzzzzzzz zzzz zzzz zzzz ZZ ZZ ZZ ZZ ZZ ZZ CV be off CV. Ostile Indians Just when things look nearly hopeless two unlikely saviors arrive an old mountain man known as Preacher and legendary frontiersman Smoke Jense. Ows that the At Stake: Monsters and the Rhetoric of Fear in Public Culture ghost writer has read up on the characters and throws off the timeline you have of the characters Still an okay read better than several of the other newer series by the estate and wonder when we ll see a series featuring Audie and Nighthawk I want toive all of the books I read at least 4 stars if not 5 just because I have such respect for what an author and others do to bring if not 5 just because I have such respect for what an author and others do to bring book to print I read the pop up that shows When I Hover Over I hover over star icon though and It was OK is the best fit for how I feel about the bookI reckon see I m even talking like a cowboy now this book was okay as far as Westerns Black Nationalism: The Search for an Identity go but I can t help but think there are some pretty excellent ones out there somewhereThings I didn t like the fight scenes that were tooruesome for my liking bones crunching details bleckh bias against the indigenous people as evidenced by the callus way their deaths were written about lack of believable romance between the couple who falls in love I would have liked development but the book seemed stuck *On Action And Plot Narration *action and plot narration a bit Black and White Strangers: Race and American Literary Realism generic and drum rollish too much for my taste not subtle but instead like someone would tell a story if they were sitting around a campfireThings I liked scenery of being in the open the main character his dialogue his pards partners the mythical legends the story s plot perpetuatedave the book a lightheartedness I m lad I experienced the read but I won t be reading another by him Western adventure at its bestReally enjoyed this wagon train adventure A little different from some of the other books I ve read A little theater drama a bit of deception and Indian battles And having Preacher Smoke and MacCalister team co just magic For fans of classic western s like myself this series is for you Fun read especially at this time of the year I could not put this book down I just had to know what was oing to. Of a man who swears he can et them there by Christmas come hell or high snow drifts The journey is plagued by brutal storms and rugged terrain outlaws and .

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