The Night Eternal [E–book/E–pub]

Entries are ok sometimes it s way too melodramatic and repetitive The big ending YawnIt elt like ages reading this "book It lost the arresting uality the irst book has The scariest part is not "It lost the arresting uality the irst book has The scariest part is not the vampires but when Zack killed a snow leopard SIGH SCARY LEVEL DOWN TO ALMOST ZEROI AM SURE Scary level down to almost zeroI am sure will be a movie on this but not sure whether I want to watch it or not Hell maybe if it s only based on the Minimalist Baker's Everyday Cooking: 101 Entirely Plant-based, Mostly Gluten-Free, Easy and Delicious Recipes first bookPS Mr uinland is Blade right right My original review is below I revisited this book and though I thought it impossible my loathing has only grown I now hate this book and the catastrophic end it brought than Donald Trump hates our President More than the Kardashians hate privacy More than hippies hate soap More than children hate broccoli This book is an abomination that made me stupider to read it This book is a tragedyilled with aux mystical nonsense that the hack writers of the Left Behind series would eel ashamed to put on paper If a monkey had drunken sex with the Old Testament this would have been the aborted offspring For the love of all that s unholy do not read this book You ve been warned Oh Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan You roped me in with your awesome tense irst book You kept me going through deprivation and ear in the second And then you give me this drivel The vampire plague goes She Weeps Each Time You're Born from a biological threat to Biblical baloney Eph goesrom a character I eel or and root Seven Days, Seven Dinners for to someone I want to kick seven kinds of hell out of I actually rootor the vampires to bite his ass His son is a douche Nora and her exterminator lover are 2 dimensional as they come This isn t a story about degradation A Northern Light for a purpose that I could handle This book just SUCKED Don t read it uit at 1 or 2 DO NOT READ THIS BOOK Book 3 The Night Eternal of The Strain trilogy resumes with the resistance and The Born Mr uinlan out toind and destroy The Master at his site of origin but there is a traitor among them and another with his own agendaWhile there is a bit history and background information than necessary on how it all began in this If You're Missing Baby Jesus: A True Story that Embraces the Spirit of Christmas finale it was stillull of action and very entertaining if you like this genre and accept it or what it isThe ending was not exactly what I had hoped or view spoilerwith the deaths of Z Eph and I Anne Perrys Christmas Crimes (Christmas Stories, found it surprising that when The Master wasinally destroyed all the unborn in the entire world were simultaneously eliminated but it did bring the story to a tidy conclusion hide spoiler Interested in of my reviews Visit my blogNight Eternal the inal installation in the Strain Trilogy As the title may tell you you re in or a very dark and desolate journey I will keep this short and sweet as much of this novel needs to be experienced White Water firsthand instead of through a reviewThe StorylineAs the story opens Dr Ephraim Eph Goodweather is still reelingrom the loss of his son Zachary Due to the vampire nature his mother Kelly came back The Slave Dancer for him after she had already been turned The insidious epidemiology of the virus spread in a vampiric perversion of human love Norah and Fet are slowly developing a relationship between each other as Eph has been continually absentrom Norah s life The world they live in now is an extremely bleak one The vampires control everyth. Uiu identificar o parasita ue causa a infecção trouxe a esperança para o ultimo combate É o ajuste de contas Special Agent final com um resulta emocionante e totalmente inespera. Hiding place where she s been keeping her mother with her This makes NO SENSE AT ALL Supposedly theuture of the human race depends on their actions yet this woman keeps her mother with her Mom has dementia and can t do much except be a burden If Nora and the authors had half a brain they would have allowed Nora to euthanize Mom Her death by Nora s hand would be peaceful and painless than what would happen if the vamps caught her old people are useless the vamps drain them and then kill them But oh no Nora drags Mom around with her while trying to escape the vamps tracking her and you can guess how well that turns out I igure the authors allowed this to happen because they needed Nora to get captured so she could be sent to the camp so what happens there can happen which is "DUMB BUT AGAIN THE WHOLE BOOK IS DUMB EPH "but again the whole book is dumb Eph son has been hanging with The Master and he s turned into a little shithead he was or less brain washed but still I can t orgive him The Apache Wars: The Hunt for Geronimo, the Apache Kid, and the Captive Boy Who Started theLongest War in American History for killing the zoo animals and I don t care what happens to him I actually hoped a vamp would get mad and eat him The book ends just as stupidly as it began and I m beginning to think authors who get lost in their plots and can tigure a way out turn to religion specifically Christianity and even specifically the story of Sodom and Gomorrah rom the Bible I don t really know how that story and these different angels connected to the plot because I didn t care enough to read those parts of the book the infamous interludes Suffice it to say the authors wrapped it neatly with a bow by borrowing Christian theology and somehow working vampires into it I won t comment on the end of the novel except to say it smacked of being written in a hurry just to inish off the book and be done with it And that s how I read it uickly so I could be done with it Awful boring dumb horrible book I will be deleting it A World on Fire from my Nook libraryAttention to those who want to comment on my reviewI enjoy comments I do But if you want to explain to me the plot of this stupid book please don t comment at all I understood it Really I did I just thought it didn t workor many reasons which I explain in my review If you want to argue my REASONS Setting Them Straight: You CAN Do Something About Bigotry and Homophobia in Your Life for not liking the plotine But uit trying to explain the plot to me just to explain the plot to me Just I didn t like the book doesn t mean I m an idiot who didn t understand it I m sorry that I have to add this cranky comment to my review but I m tired of having the book explained to me by people who loved the book If you loved it great If you can t handle dissent then stick to reading reviews that agree with your point of view To those of you who didn t agree with me but managed to leave thoughtful comments thank you A bit spoilerish but not too dangerousDisappointing end Not just the ending "of the trilogy but the whole book It tasted so different if compared with the predecessors I don t "the trilogy but the whole book It tasted so different if compared with the predecessors I don t know where to start pointing out the things I dislike rom this book The archangels and Sodom Gomora Old Testament tales are so ridiculous I spent much time rowning and shaking my head Too much deus ex machina here and there Why can t the authors make an original tale of the vampire creation And the romance between Ef Nora Vetbooooringgggg And Ef s inner battles His diary. Da América em está a espalhar se pelo resto do mundo Apenas um peueno grupo tenta lutar contra os monstros sedentos de sangue Mas Eph Goodweather o médico ue conseg. I am amazed that a series which started so well with The Strain ended so badly The second book was disappointing but sometimes the middle book well with The Strain ended so badly The second book was disappointing but sometimes the middle book a trilogy is but The Night Eternal is simply awful "Mostly I Was Bored Because Not Much "I was bored because not much in the book Not only is it not scary or interesting but it didn t make any kind of logical sense and yes even vampire apocalyptic novels should 100 ways to Fight the Flab - and still have wine and chocolate follow some sort of logic So much is wrong with this novel I m not sure where to start Let s see First our little gang of survivorsvampire huntersso called hopeor the human race is The Oxford New Greek Dictionary fighting with each other Eph has turned into some kind of alcoholic druggie due to his son being kidnapped by his vamp wife Everyone s irritated with him because he s never where he s supposed to be Which begs the uestion why would you all be separated anyway Everyone has his own little hide out which I thought was weird If vamps are lookingor you why would you split up Isn t there strength in numbers Who guards your back while you re sleeping if everyone is hanging out at his own hidey hole in different areas of NYC Two years have passed since the nuclear explosions took place in the second book I don t know what our intrepid vamp hunters were doing during that time other than Eph who raiding pharmacies and hospitals The Cello Suites : J.S. Bach, Pablo Casals, and the search for a Baroque masterpiece for drugs apparently because the authors have no idea either The vamps are busy turning humans into cattleor their The New Job Security feedings and setting up different camps Also which made no sense to me apparently whatever humans aren t in camps asood or being used as labor are allowed to go about their daily lives and go to work and there is still electricity and limited internet and tv broadcasts all reruns Huh What jobs This is explained by the authors as a way of keeping the humans in line the vamps give them some semblance of their old lives as a way of keeping them under control That makes no damn sense Why would the vamps have to cater to humans It s uite clear the vamps are physically advanced and are pretty much in charge of the world Also now that there s very little sunlight due to the destroyed environment the vamps are pretty much out all the time So where are these humans going on the subways What jobs are they working Are they getting paid Is there still a government All uestions worthy of being asked but do not get answered Also extremely annoying is the Harleuin romance that crops up almost immediately Nora and Eph used to be a couple but ever since he turned druggie she and Fet have been making goo goo eyes at each other Okay The Day Fidel Died: Cuba in the Age of Raúl, Obama, and the Rolling Stones (A Vintage Short) fine but this turns into a weirdo love triangle with Ephinding out and getting jealous and there s an absolutely ridiculous scene in which Fet and Nora are reunited after something stupid happens and the passage goes something like this Nora knew now was not the time to give into her The New Odyssey: The Story of Europe's Refugee Crisis feelingsor Fet but like this Nora knew now was not the time to give into her The Jumbee feelingsor Fet but couldn t help herself and they kissed Really Oh gag And of course Eph is lurking in the shadows and when he sees them kiss he vows revenge WTF How much awful could this book be A whole lotta nothing happens in this book Nothing makes sense and I skimmed a lot of it just reading enough to keep track of the plot such as it was There s a whole senseless subplot in which Nora needs to escape her. Terceiro e último volume da saga de vampiros da autoria do célebre realizador Guillermo del Toro A estirpe misteriosa ue transforma os habitantes dos Estados Unidos. ,

The Night Eternal

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